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Bhutan is a landlocked country located in the midst of Himalayas. The diverse ecosystem of the country makes it a splendid tourist destination. The Thunder Dragon delights the trekkers where as the environmentalists are overwhelmed by it. The land is naturally attractive with its prosperous green valleys, timeless mountains, excellent landscapes, exclusive Buddhist culture, distinctive architecture and hospitality of the locals making the tour an experience to remember.

The trek in the rough landscape of the northern Bhutan is for 12 days. The trek offers vivid mountain views throughout the journey and communication with the locals make it more interesting. The end of the trek rewards the trekkers with a relaxing moment at the Gasa hot springs. It is a famous hot spring in Bhutan believed to have healing attributes for all kinds of bodily problems such as body ache, sinusitis, gastritis, bronchitis, skin diseases and renal problems.

Bhutan Facts
Total Area: 38,394 sq km
Population: 672,425
Capital: Thimphu
Local Time: 6 hours ahead of GMT and 1/2 hour ahead of Indian Standard Time.
State Religion: Mahayana Buddhism
National Tree: Cypress National Bird: Blue Poppy
National Animal: Takin
National Sport: Archery
Official Language: Dzongkha Currency: Ngultrum


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Bhutan Druk Path Trek12days

This is the most popular trek in Bhutan. Druk Path trek is a trek between Thimphu & Paro. This trek takes along the mountain ridges allowing us to get a spectacular view of the mountains and the valleys below.Join us and our wonderful Bhutan staff for this exciting ...

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Bhutan Laya Gasa Trek20days

This is the most popular trek in Bhutan. This trek you get for 14 days & experience life in the rugged terrains of northern Bhutan & also interact with the rural highlanders. Nothing can beat the beauty of the vivid mountains you get to witness throughout the trek. ...

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Bhutan Snowman Trek25days

This is the most popular trek in Bhutan. The Snowman trek is the most difficult trek in Bhutan, because one has to walk and camp at high altitude for nearly three weeks. As long as one has no problems with the high altitude and the weather is good, ...

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Dur Hot Spring Trek18days

This is the most popular  trek in Bhutan. Bhutan Dur Hot Spring trek is the old expedition route to Mt. Gangkhar Puensum. Musk deer, herds of blue sheep and Himalayan bear may be seen enroute. This trek also offers great views of Mountain ranges and relaxation at the ...

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Stunning Chomolhari Base Camp Trek11days

This is the most popular trek in Bhutan. Starting from Paro it goes into northern Bhutan to the land of yak-herders and to the base of Mount Cholomhari (7,320 meters), which is the most holy mountain for the Bhutanese. From there the trek goes on to remote Lingshi ...

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