Nepal Trekking Style

Each guided trek is under the control of trekking guide who is responsible for arranging accommodation and meals, whether it is a lodge or camping area, and ensuring a full complement of porters are ready every day as well as looking after the other staffs. His responsibility is also to take care of clients and look after them well.


Lodge Treks / Teahouse Trekking:
Staying in local inns and lodges, known as teahouse treks, can also be arranged. On lodge trekking we are not going to carry lots of equipment like in camping treks. We only take our necessary gear and porter to carry them. However, privacy, peace and quiet at night, and a relaxed trekking pace have to be sacrificed for the sake of your budget. Our English-speaking guide will assist in arranging places to eat and sleep, while the porters carry your personal baggage. We sleep in the local lodge with proper hospitality. The fresh and hygienic foods would be supplied from the local lodge wherever we reach. Decent accommodations for trekkers are available in the Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and other commonly trekked regions. Lodges in the hills provide a special meeting place for trekkers from around the world. You will have a good opportunity to see how people in the hills of Nepal live, work and eat and may develop at least a rudimentary knowledge of the Nepalese language.


Camping Treks / Tented Trekking.
This is the classic style of trekking in Nepal. Camping treks can be conducted almost anywhere in Nepal. Camping treks is quite large fully organized outfitter. Completed with guide, cook, assistant guide, kitchen boys, kitchen and camp helper, porters for fuel provision of delicious food, we provide unique and fresh foods without harmful chemical by using less number of tin foods, as much as possible we will use fresh fruits and vegetable. High quality of kitchen equipments, sleeping tents, staffs tents, dinning tents, toilet tent, shower tent, dinning table, chairs, mattress, foods, sleeping bags are provided. Local porters carry all provisions, camping equipment, and trekkers' personal baggage. Full camping treks provide quiet nights, the freedom to choose your own pace, camping sites offering the best views, and most important of all, quiet peace and privacy. The meals would be supply 3 times a day from the trekking chef as well as tea coffee and chocolate would be served. The menu is always on your choice for Continental, Chinese, Indian or Nepalese items. Your supportive staffs would serve you inside the dinning tent in familiar environment. Those on camping treks, trekkers interact with Nepal and its people that will determine the richness of your experiences. You can learn Nepali and gain great cultural insight from the Nepali staffs thus the camping treks offers you an extra excitement of trekking in Himalayas.