Our blog : Highlighted Destinations In Nepal

Jan 09, 2018, Smarika Thapa

Manakamana temple is one of the popular Hindu goddess Bhagawati temples. The idol of the Hindu goddess Bhagawati is placed in the temple at the peak of the hill (1302m). It is a 3 hr drive from Kathmandu on the high way to Pokhara at Kurintar where one can take the cable car up to the temple or can go 5 hours hiking from Abu Khairini.

Gorkha situated 131 km west of Kathmandu valley at an altitude of 1135 m at the end of mountain road. Gorkha is the ancestral home of the Shaha Empire and home of the Gurkha Soldiers. Magnificient Gorkha palace is the magnetism of the Gorkha which offers the grand views of the snowcapped Himalayan Shangrila in the north and surrounding valleys.

Bandipur is a hilltop pleasant town lying middle on the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway at an elevation of 1005 m passing the Marshyangdi river valley is located 8 km above Dumre bazaar and inhabited are typically of Newer communities. Gorgeous Mountain views, artistic houses and visit pagoda-roofed temples can be seen from the ridge of the town. Siddha Gupha the largest cave in the nation is formed by stalactites and stalagmites.

Pokhara known as the touristic city of Nepal is situated 200 km west of the capital city Kathmandu. The unique natural city offers the magnificent views of the fish tail peak (6993m) has changed Pokhara into the glory of Nature. Unique geographical landscapes like cave, terraces, falls, lake and curious gorges created by Seti River with in a small territory are the major natural attractions of the city.

Namo Buddha:
Namo Buddha one of the blessed spot is located 3 hrs hiking distance from Dhulikhel. The white painted stupa honors the action of the Buddha Sakyammuni’s self less sacrifice to feed starving tiger by offering his own flesh. This is one of the most significant pilgrimage places for Buddhists. The height of the stupa is more than 20 feet where it’s golden tower is enclosed with meaningful holy Flags.

Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Budhha lies in the western Terai of Nepal. Lord Budhha was born in 623 BC. Baisakh Purnima (Full Moobn Day) is being celebrated yearly which is the most important day for the most important day for the Buddhists. Budhha was born, enlighten and Nirvana on the Baishakh Purnima.

Nagarkot located 30 km east of Kathmandu is one of the most popular mountain resort destinations in the Kathmandu valley rims. Nagarkot is a magnificient place to spend the night and to view the sun rise across the wide Himalayan range. It is one of the best preliminary places of valley rim hike for persons who are in Nepal for short duration.

Bungy Jumping:
The ultimate thrill of a bungy can be experienced in Nepal. Nepal’s bungy jumping, one of the world’s best bungy site is placed 160 m above the Bhote Koshi River gorge. The place is close to Nepal-Tibet boarder which is about three hour bus ride from capital city Kathmandu. A package deal includes the jump, transportation and meals too.

Paragliding is one of the unique adventure activities in Nepal. It is really an amazing and rewarding occurrence for the adventure seekers. One can experience unparallel picturesque splendor that share airspace with Himalayan Griffin Vultures, eagles, and many other birds while hovering over the villages decorated with monasteries, temples, forests, lakes with remarkable views of the Himalayan Shangri-la.

Sarangkot located in the north of Pokhara city carries the historical significance. The hill point is popular for views of sun rise, outstanding views of the Pokhara city, Fewa Lake and Mountain peaks. This hill point offers amazing views of the Himalayan Sangri-la like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Fishtail in the north. Sarangkot a popular takeoff point for paragliding is nearly half an hour drive from the city.

Dakshinkali is one of the most significant shrines of the goddess kali and lies nearly 25 km south from capital city Kathmandu. Bloody sacrificial offerings are made in the temple mostly on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The temple is positioned in a dense and cool forest which is one of the desired picnic spot. Every Saturday local people come to offer chicken and goats for blood sacrifice to the goddess kali. The picture of goddess kali is macabre, black holding a skull and a sword.

Dhulikhel situated nearly 30 miles covered in 45 minute drive to the east of Kathmandu along the Arniko highway, is a little town of Dhulikhel. The place offers magnificent views in the northeastern part. Dhulikhel at a height of 1550m is congregation of some beautiful buildings, built in Victorian style; the four to five storied brick mansions in the town are an architectural enchantment and contain close conventional Newari settlement.

Ultra Light Aircraft:
Ultra Light Aircraft in Nepal offers a scenic view and the ability to enjoy the freedom of flying above the earth gliding in the sky as like a bird. Flying over the twisty rivers, amazing valleys, culturally rich and diversified villages and dense forests in the background of the snowy Himalayas, might be the lifetime experiences in one’s life.