Frequently Asked Questions


Go to NEPALESE EMBASSY and follow the procedure..
Trekking In Nepal is a combination of hiking and walking activity through which you can explore mountainous areas for multiple of days and along lovely mountains villages and enjoying nature and/or close contact with people in remote mountain villages. In Nepal, we have different places where we can trek for 3 days up to 3 months.
Asian Adventure Treks & Expedition is facing all the challenges and providing the services to the foreign client for more than two decades with the customer satisfaction. We ensure you to provide best team for your trekking. We believe in hard work and a positive, quality service and customer satisfaction.
The best season to trek in Nepal is from March to May and September to November. However, lots of tourists prefer to visit Nepal in the other seasons too because there are lots of choices in terms of accommodation and flight bookings. And they can be managed easily unlike in peak season. Especially from June to August it is better to trek in the places which belong to rain shadow like Upper Mustang, Dolpa in Nepal and Mt. Kailash in Tibet.
Nepal is diverse in geographical structure. The temperature can range like: negative temperatures in the northern, mountainous regions. extremely hot (37-40C) in the lower Terai regions, Feb-May & Sept-Nov are considered to be prime trekking times due to the lovely climate. There is ample sun in the day time and only slightly chilly at night. Monsoon (June-Aug) can get very hot and humid-with showers usually in the early morning and late afternoon.
Yes, we organise the guide who can fluently speak English. Our guides hold licenses issued by the Nepal Government. Also we provide the guide who can speak several other language like Spanish, Russian..e.t.c as per need of the client.
We will send you the guide to pick you up to the airport . Outside the Terminal Hall, we will display a play card with your name.
For booking online fill out the booking form, pay the 25 % deposit for your adventure. Then we will make the reservation here. And you may pay the remainder of your trip when you reach Nepal, in our office. Local bookings can be made either in our office, we will coordinate with you accordingly about the process.
In the city areas we have wide range of options for the hotels. We can provide the hotels from three star to five star, depending on your requirements and your budget. While trekking, we provide you the lodges/ tea houses / homestay, wherever available. If there are no lodges in some parts of Nepal then we provide you the camping services with all camping equipment. In the trekking areas we use the local lodges/tea houses/homestays if required we will arrange for all necessary camping equipment. Most properties in the trekking areas are simple with basic facilities. We will offer you the best in terms of comfort, food and facilities.
In an average ,you will have to walk for 5 to 6 hours each day. If you are a beginner then you can choose the easy or fair trek. Theis type of trek normally don’t go above 4000 meter and each day, you can expect to be walking for around 4 – 5 hours. If you choose hard trek, which can be physically quite tiring, involving approximately 6-8 hours trekking along high Himalayan peaks. Lastly the hard trek, like expedition are physically challenging,and you will have to walk 7-9 hours each day and likely to include unfavourable weather conditions and strenuous activities.
If you get through the emergency situations because of sickness or causality, then we will we will arrange a helicopter evacuation. Since you are entirely liable for all the expenses incurred in evacuation you will have to make sure that it is covered by your insurance before signing for it else be prepared to pay on your own after getting back to Kathmandu. Ask your guide to arrange a runner to go to the nearest communication point, he will contact in office and let us know the details. While asking for the helicopter, we will need your exact location and details of the casualty. Do not move from your location, the helicopter will be with you as soon as possible.
Our trip operators constantly monitor their areas of operation and will cancel or re-route a trip if they feel a destination is unsafe. The decision to travel to a particular country or region is a personnel one. However in trekking all our guides and other support crew are carefully chosen for your trips. Our guides hold licenses issued by the Nepal Government. They are very honest and reliable. But we would also advise you to take care of your own personal belongings. If you are on ‘camping trek’ please do not leave your bags unattended for your own safety. Take your main bag inside the tent once you reach campsite. At night, put all bags and belongings in the middle of the tent. Your guide assigns a Sherpa each night to guard the campsite. If you are on ‘Tea house trek’ arrangement, you will be sleeping in local tea house. You have to take sensible precautions yourself at all times. Never leave your baggage unattended.