Dhaulagiri Region

The Dhaulagiri extends 120 km from Kaligandaki river west to Bheri. .Dhaulagiri is the 7th highest peak in the world with an altitude of 8,167 meters, located in the western part of Nepal. The meaning of Dhaulagiri is the White Mountain: soaring n solitary magnificent, this outstanding summit ascends as a massive shoulder of pure ice.

 Trekking in Dhaulagiri is considered as challenging and most adventurous. This isolated trekking offers amazing natural scenery, evergreen forest blossoming with rhododendron combined with native warm hearted people and their heady mixture of unique culture.

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Activity levels

Easy trekking are basically for the beginners. This kind of treks is typically done in the lower hilly region of elevation below 3500 metre. The trails in this trek are generally vertical and walking time is 3 - 5 hours everyday.

Moderate types of trekking generally take place on the low altitude zone crossing the passes below the elevation of 4500 meters. Normally the walking is from 4 - 6 hours each day.

Hard kind of trekking routes crosses through the wild and adventurous trails and sometimes passes through the snow covered high passes between 4500 meters to 5500 meters. Usually the walks takes from 7-8 hours everyday.

Generally this types of routes are demanding long distance treks where the walks takes up to 9 hours each day. Each trail crosses at least one pass over 5500 meters frequently contains hardly ever explored regions. Challenging are the expedition types of activity.