Dolpo Region

Dolpo Region is one of the hidden tourist destinations of Nepal lies in the remote part of the country. The district completely lies in the trans- Himalayan region of Nepal. The Dolpa settlements are concentrated in the remote and fascinating region, confined by the Dhaulagiri Himalaya in the south and east; The Kanjiroba and Sisne Mountain in the west and Tibet in the north. The region provides the wonderful Cliffs, various layers of rocks, gorges, and hills which run to reflection of Shangri- La of Nepal in  much features.

The trek to Dolpo begins at Juphal and follows the trail north to Dho - Tarap Valley, where the highest human settlements in thw world are found. The trail passes through Numa La and Baga La before descending to the turquoise- blue Phoksundo lake. It takes about two weeks to complete the Lower Dolpo trek. Upper Dolpo  is also the main attraction of the area with wild and pristine landscape.  

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Activity levels

Easy trekking are basically for the beginners. This kind of treks is typically done in the lower hilly region of elevation below 3500 metre. The trails in this trek are generally vertical and walking time is 3 - 5 hours everyday.

Moderate types of trekking generally take place on the low altitude zone crossing the passes below the elevation of 4500 meters. Normally the walking is from 4 - 6 hours each day.

Hard kind of trekking routes crosses through the wild and adventurous trails and sometimes passes through the snow covered high passes between 4500 meters to 5500 meters. Usually the walks takes from 7-8 hours everyday.

Generally this types of routes are demanding long distance treks where the walks takes up to 9 hours each day. Each trail crosses at least one pass over 5500 meters frequently contains hardly ever explored regions. Challenging are the expedition types of activity.